Tech We Love

Stonefield’s Founder and CEO, Tim Loughton continues to explore leading edge technologies. Here are three tech innovations we believe to be worth the investment.

Anaplan takes business planning and modelling to the cloud. Connected planning is proving itself in the financial space especially well as it seeks to overcome the inherent limitations of spreadsheets. Anaplan is intuitive to use, reducing reliance on consultants/developers and enabling ordinary users to harness familiar Excel style functionality in multi-dimensional forms. The real power resident in connected planning lies in significantly reduced error rates, improved quality of the inputs and importantly, cultural changes as a result of previously disconnected people collaborating. Anaplan may not be cheap, but the benefits are there for large organisations.

We like Automation Anywhere for several reasons. Firstly, it turns the application of Bots into the organisation into a business solution, not an IT one, using natural language processing and reading unstructured data. It is also intuitive to use and relatively cost effective for mid-tier businesses. Perhaps more importantly, it enables businesses for the next generation’s “way of working”.

DocuSign, saves time and reduces frustration by enabling the electronic signature of documents. It has some great functionality and “electronic” signatures are increasingly recognised as viable alternatives to “wet ones”.