RPA : Warp speed to ROI

This is the first part of a 3-part series on the accelerated delivery of RPA projects.

RPA has the ability to demonstrate value quickly, so it makes sense to leverage that trait to your advantage. Other undertakings like data migration projects, by way of contrast, struggle to demonstrate quick value turnaround, but RPA does this reliably.

It’s a unique advantage of quickly deployable technology applied to scale. Neither does RPA require the traditional time-consuming waterfall approach with its protracted ROI realisation duration. RPA projects lend themselves to Agile approaches and the associated focus on delivery velocity.

To maximise the advantage:

  1. Build confidence in RPA by proving its business value early – this will help to secure the high-level support you will need to scale. IT and HR are traditionally sceptical and by automating processes quickly, trust can be built early.
  2. Learn quickly and expose delivery issues. RPA is a new capability and there is a learning curve involved. Learn the lessons quickly and work to overcome issues fast. You can’t do this by delaying deployment to complete bulk scaled analysis.
  3. Refine the way of working, by getting the internal ecosystem working quickly and end to end delivery processes working fast. The team construct, governance structures and way of working may need to be refined. Speed to implementation gives you the opportunity to refine and improve on each cycle.
  4. The delivery team will thrive with the confidence a successful initial delivery provides. There is nothing better than success for the confidence and morale of teams.
  5. The discovery process up front will help refine the programme as well as solution design. The choice of processes to automate and the sequencing may change as a result of early learning.

Stonefield Automation has built an automation delivery plan that delivers proven business value and returns for clients within 2 weeks. Talk to the team about the details and find out how they can be deployed quickly to benefit you.

Tim Loughton is an RPA consultant, automation advisor and programme director.