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Automation Anywhere® sales

We design and build your Proof of Concept and demonstrate within 2-3 days the real ROI available through automating processes using Automation Anywhere®. We advise you on the best licensing approach and bot deployment strategies.

We help you build your strategy and approach to RPA before you start. This context-setting is typically overlooked and its value underestimated. We consider all key elements and help you establish a Centre of Excellence for RPA, with a key focus on change management and process transformation.

RPA Consultancy

Project implementation

From RPA approach and strategy planning, through business process selection and analysis, cost benefit definition, solution engineering, bot development and testing, to implementation into the production environment, we support you end-to-end.

We continue to support you on the journey with Level 1 and 2 support. We offer training support to key staff as part of the ongoing Change Management plan which we craft with you.

Post implementation support and training