Model review and development

We quickly establish the purpose of your model and put it through our 45-point model review process. The process ensures that model deficiencies/errors are detected and their severity assessed. A full report is sent to you to act as a base for remedial action. 

Our model development process follows a defined 7-step journey starting with really understanding your business requirements and ending with ongoing support and training to prevent the degeneration of the model over time.

Our models outputs are always presented beautifully in an appropriate format.

Without support, models degenerate over time. We provide the first month of post-implementation support free of charge. After that, our model support package enables us to attend to any subsequent user issues, bug fixes and minor design improvements.

Model support

Training and change management

No model is productive unless the user understands how the model works and how to work with it optimally. Our training programme ensures that there are minimal user issues after implementation. Training can be delivered remotely or in classrooms if needed for more complex models with multiple users.

Our Change Management interventions typically come into effect with larger more complex modelling efforts where business processes change. We make sure we understand who is impacted, how they are impacted and what support is needed to drive the intended change our models deliver.