Why we do what we do

Financial models drive important decisions.

Those models frequently contain errors and stop short of maximising the potential hidden within the inputs.  Almost every model we interrogate has at least one material error.

Insights are also missed because data has been left behind, either because its importance was misunderstood, or because dealing with it was beyond the capabilities of the preparer.

We are almost always able to provide better insights, test assumptions and make models more accessible to ordinary users.  

We do what we do because we love it. The satisfaction we get from turning messy data inputs into structured output, creating order out of chaos, and watching management use that to support their decision making is what gets us excited. 

This is the Information Age. If your information is unreliable, you’re behind…

Your data. Well modelled. Beautifully presented.

An excellent financial model ALWAYS

Enhances Data

Produces clear, easy to understand output

Provides an easy to follow trail from output back to source

Makes it easy to follow the logic

Provides its users with peace of mind

An excellent financial model NEVER

Compromises data to fit output

Contains an error in logic

Makes navigation difficult

Has assumptions that are not sense tested

Contains outcomes that are hard to interpret